Florida Osceola Turkey Hunts

2015 DATES:  March 7th through April 14th.


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About Our Osceola Hunts: 

Tall Tine Outfitters has exclusive hunting rights on over 30,000 acres of prime Osceola turkey habitat. The mixture of pine flatwoods, oak hardwood hammock, cypress swamp and open pastureland provide ample opportunities for hunters to see and hear the numerous turkeys that live on these properties.  Because of limited hunting pressure, we have a large population of mature birds and request that only gobblers with at least 8" beards be taken. No Jakes.

Located in Central Florida near Ocala, our season generally begins on the 3rd Saturday in March and runs till about the third week in April. Hunting for turkeys in Florida is allowed from hour before sunrise until sunset, with mornings usually being the best.

Success rates: 

While there is no guarantee of success on this hunt, 100% of hunters who have hunted with Tall Tine Outfitters have had an opportunity to take a mature bird.


We recommend purchasing your hunting license before arriving to hunt. This can be done over the phone at 1-888-486-8356. Cost of the licenses is as follows:

Non-residents: Turkey stamp - $125.00   10 day hunting license - $46.50

Hunt packages: 

With Food and Lodging:

This hunt is 3 days, consisting of three morning and three afternoon hunts. A hunter is allowed to take only one long bearded turkey on this hunt. Limited availability for a second bird option. All food and lodging is provided. 

~Cost for this hunt is $2200 per person.

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Please take a look in our Florida photo gallery to see some of the Osceola turkeys that have been taken with us.  There, you can also check out hunters like Will Clark, Michael Waddell, and Bill Gorman and Dr. Warren Strickland who have chosen Tall Tine Outfitters to complete their Grand Slam.

Please e-mail: Ted@TallTine.com or call: (352) 895-6736 for hunt information.

Michael Waddel Osceola Hunt with Talltine Outfitters


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